Friday, March 25, 2022

Thank you for your prayers!

 Happy Spring! We appreciate your prayers and we humbly ask you to continue to pray. God is so merciful and gracious and we do not take that for granted. In this season, in approaching the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ and this time in our lives in this world, I believe our focus must be re-directed to follow the will of God. Many times I have chosen my own and it was a disaster and ended in hurt. The struggle to follow our flesh is strong, but Jesus overcame and that is my hope! That as He did, so can I. No matter how many times I have to pick myself up and start over. Without the precious blood of Jesus none of us would have a chance. I am returning as the Word says, to my first love. Because He first loved us, that is the best news we could ever hear.

We had a visit from some great friends in ministry, Dale & Faith Ingraham from Speaking Truth in Love. They are advocates for abuse victims and speak to churches on how to deal with offenders and offer assistance to survivors. I encourage you to look them up and pray for them as well. They blessed us with an awesome on-time word from the Lord and we spent a wonderful weekend of fellowship.

I have also spent time with my spiritual mom and dad, Charlie and Linda Easton, who have poured wisdom, love and the Word into me as well. God is not going to leave us alone, no matter how it feels. I have been through grief, loss and rejection in my life, but the one constant is that my heavenly father has never left me or forsaken me. I will continue the work He has called me to do until my last breath. Whatever capacity, whether its financial assistance to women in need or pointing them in the direction of other resources, God's work will go forward. Please know that I am thankful  for all of you who are pouring into or have poured into my life and those around me. God bless you and be with you

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

New Year, New Vision

 As we begin a brand new year and look ahead to what God has for us, it is exciting! The Lord is expanding the ministry and I am thankful!! We know that God does great things and I have no doubt this is going to be our greatest year ever. Planning and expecting to see God's best for his people we anticipate the Lord moving as His spirit leads. We can schedule events, book dates and connect with other ministries, but most importantly we need to connect with our Heavenly Father and seek His will. 

We were invited to attend a community prayer event and knowing the heart for God these leaders have, we accepted to partner with them. What a blessing it was! Beautiful time of worship and petitioning God for our city, state, country and world. When the body of Christ comes together we can be in unity as Jesus and the Father desire.
I'm so thankful to the Lord for his people that are believing and acting on their faith in Him to change our world. Each one of us have a part in that and I pray you realize how important it is for you to seek and follow what He has called you to. Whether that be as a homemaker, in the corporate world, on the factory floor or in your ministry, never forget why you're here.


Prayer meeting at the Dahnke Ballroom overlooking the Notre Dame stadium with hundreds of ministry leaders and pastors.

Sister Pam Wood invited me to share at God's Highway to Heaven church in Warsaw, Pastor Bob was so gracious and the people had such a fervor for the Lord. Sister Pam gave a fire-filled message on stirring up the gift that God has placed in you! Thankful for this woman of God who I found to have a kindred spirit and such great love!!

After the service I was able to sit down with a young lady, Krista who dedicated her life to Christ that Sunday night. She had a precious little girl and was desiring to change her life for both of them. We were able to get her a Bible as she didn't have one, but wanted to read and know God for herself. I explained how to read and pray the Holy Spirit give her understanding. It was a divine appointment that night. I truly believe God orders our steps as we walk with Him.

Our very own, Heidi Heckaman along with her husband, Andrew and Christine Anders have been hosting a weekly co-ed Bible study on Thursday evenings in Osceola. We have been blessed to be a part and hear God speak through His Word and His people.

We are anticipating 2022 to open new doors and offer more service to our community. Keep us in your prayers and as you're able consider donating to help the ministry continue. We appreciate your support! You make a difference in changing lives and making an impact for the kingdom of God!! May the Lord richly bless you in every area of your life.

Pastor Jennifer Sabin, President

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Daughters of Naomi Embraced 5th Annual Banquet & Auction

 Thank you all for your support & love to the women of Daughters of Naomi Embraced! We are blessed to have such great friends!! The evening was full of giving glory to God for all He's done in our lives.

Edgie Bottom, CFO, Christine, Heidi, Donna, Jennifer Sabin, Founder, 
Kim, Dainta & Keishanda

We appreciate all of our sponsors this year was a great success!
Meijer Stores, Christian Center Church, Corner Stone Bible Fellowship, Living Water Church, Alma Evans, Prathaftakis' Family, Brenda Childs, Anonymous (you know who you are), Burns Family, Jack Smith, Klink Family, Sherridon Lyon-Verse, Roach Family, Palmer Family, Norwood Family, Colvin Family, Martin's Supermarket.

We couldn't have done it without our volunteers, mentors & teachers!!!

Luis, Donna, Edgie, Dainta, Jenn, Jack, Kim, Heidi & Christine

Worship was amazing with Brian Gillam, Meleya Horvath, Christian Davis & Lemmy

Opening prayer by Luis Ortiz, former Chaplain, DOC and testimony

The dinner was catered by Allie's Cafe & Catering. 
And dessert auction was delicious and exciting!

Pastor Jennifer Sabin, Founder year in review, Keishand Lee Dessert Auction hostess
Testimonies by: Heidi, Donna & Dainta
Heidi & Keishanda
                                                                             Heidi & Christine

Heidi & Mari                                                                              Heidi & Kim

Faith, Kim & Dale
                                                                   Donna sharing testimony

Taelor & Spencer, Scott & Dee, Pastor Mark

Mari, Jim, Jacki, Brenda & Sharon

Eden, Sue, Faith, Dale & Ken

Lee, Patty, Karen, Sharon, Anita, Sandy, Tina & Ryan

David, Chloe & Christian

Wendell & Peggy Norwood & family

Denise, Kathy, Tina & Pastor Dave Spurlock, Corner Stone Bible Fellowship

Tracy Harbaugh & family

Sherridon  Lyons-Verse, Lisa & Elgina

Bill & Marie

May the Lord bless & keep you as you remember the women in your prayers and the ministry.
Donations are tax deductible. Daughters of Naomi Embraced is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Speaking at Corner Stone Bible Fellowship

Daughters of Naomi Embraced was graciously welcomed by Pastors Dave & Tina Spurlock to share on the ministry and testimonies Sunday, August 29th. We were blessed to join the service and worship with our brothers and sisters in the Lord! 

Keishanda, Donna, Heidi, Christine & Pastor Jennifer

Pastor Jennifer Sabin, Founder

"That is what it means to be saved. You declare that you belong to another system of things. People point to you and say, "Oh, yes, that is a Christian family; they belong to the Lord!" That is salvation which the Lord desires for you, that by your public testimony you declare before God, "My world has gone; I am entering into another." Watchman Nee
                                                                         Heidi Heckaman

                                                                 Donna Hernandez-Ortiz

                                                                      Keishanda Lee

All glory goes to God without whom this ministry would not be possible! To hear more testimony and join us to celebrate our fifth year come to our Daughters of Naomi Embraced Banquet and Auction on Saturday, September 18th at 6:30 p.m. 530 E. Ireland Rd. South Bend, Indiana. To reserve you spot click the PayPal link or go to Event Brite D.O.N.E. Banquet

Thank you for your prayers!

 Happy Spring! We appreciate your prayers and we humbly ask you to continue to pray. God is so merciful and gracious and we do not take that...